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About Me: Who is Rachée?


Who is Rachée?  ( Yes, Rah-shay. Not Ruh-chey. Not Rah-chey. Not Rachel. Not Roxanne. Rachée.   Say it, “Rah-shay.” I wear many a crocheted (and now knitted!) hats. Among them are mom to The Bee, my tween TEEN! Hooker (as in crochet. Get yo mind out of the gutter!) Daughter to Mom. Twin (this gal‘s sister). Library chick (Children’s librarian. Close your […]

Brace(less) Face: Getting the right fit with @Invisalign #ad

invis indicator

After getting x-rays and examined by the orthodontist we learned that The Bee has congenitally missing teeth as well as severe crowding, making her a perfect candidate for braces. Pricing options were provided for both traditional braces and Invisilign. We have been weighing our options when it comes to our final decision but I had an opportunity to attend […]